Why are we building?

We are expanding and retooling our facilities for the glory of God by empowering the church in fulfilling Christ’s Great Commission. We are at or over capacity in our current children’s education space, have limited adult space for discipleship training, and hold our students’ education in a separate building on Sunday mornings. There are also changes needed to maintain safety and security. In addition, our Fellowship Hall space cannot accommodate VBS or most large church functions and ministries.

New construction of a Multi-Ministry Building Addition, coupled with the renovation of our current facility, will improve and expand our ministry. It will provide space for our existing education, fellowship, and student and children’s activities. This addition will ultimately enlarge the impact of our ministries to reach our growing community for Christ.

How much will it cost and how will we pay for it?

We have faith the people of Trinity Baptist Church will rise to the challenge God has given us to grow His kingdom for the glory of Jesus Christ. With God’s help and your sacrificial giving, we hope and pray to reach our goals of expanding and retooling our facilities which will lead the way to minister, educate and impact generations today, tomorrow, and forever.

We will complete these projects in phases, which will require sacrificial giving and a bank mortgage loan. We will also likely apply to utilize volunteer labor provided by Builders for Christ (BFC); however, we cannot anticipate this as we are uncertain of project timing and whether BFC is willing to serve at our church. If so, this could provide us with significant savings.

The “Impact Generations” campaign is a substantial step in the life of our church – but certainly not too substantial for our God, who is capable of all things. Our initial total project cost analysis estimates costs to be approximately $3 million. We hope to raise $750,000 – $1 million in faith pledges for our first (of two) capital campaign.  To accomplish this, we are asking every person to elevate their giving to a sacrificial level for the next three years.

Our current funding strategy is?

  • 2021 “IMPACT Generations” Capital Campaign (increase # of families tithing, one-time gifts, and three-year pledges)
  • 2024 Second Capital Campaign 
  • Long-Term Mortgage 
  • Reduced costs through volunteer labor as able

When would this project be completed?

Much will rest upon the success of our capital campaign and fundraising efforts. We hope to receive gifts and commitments of $750,000-$1,000,000 during our “IMPACT Generations” campaign, with total commitments of $1.5-$2 million after completing our second capital campaign. If all goes well, we could lay the foundation for the Multi-Ministry Building in Fall 2024, with new construction following in Spring 2025. Our goal would be to have this addition complete and functional for our Fall 2025 ministry season. However, construction and completion dates may be revised based on project fundraising goals and deadlines.

Should I divide my current offerings between the general offering and the building fund?

We ask that commitments for the building be above our regular tithe. The Bible teaches us that we worship the Lord with our tithe, which is contributed to the church on a regular basis for the ongoing mission of the church. When we feel called to give over and above our tithe, we do so as an offering. 

What is the current financial condition of the church?

Trinity Baptist Church is currently debt free! 

Why should I sign a commitment card?

We believe we should be good stewards of God’s money. Signing a commitment card for the “IMPACT Generations” campaign will help Trinity Baptist Church understand our potential in and through the body of believers and what we can do collectively to further His kingdom’s work.

What does commitment mean?

Commitment means you and I are willing to believe God can provide through us what we cannot do alone. This pledge is a dollar amount you are spiritually committing to over a three year period and can be paid in monthly, quarterly, or annual payments. When we commit together collectively, we believe God will show up in a very powerful way. 

What are the different ways I can give?

First, we ask all to continue being faithful in your tithe. Secondly, we are asking you to give a sacrificial gift over and above your tithe for the next three years. Thirdly, some may want to give some of their assets or other forms of gifts to the campaign, such as stocks, bonds, investments or real estate. There will be a team from our church that can help you in this area.

How can I help?

First and foremost, please PRAY. Ask that God will make clear His leading in the hearts of His people at Trinity, and for our “IMPACT Generations” campaign. Secondly, PARTICIPATE in the events and meetings designed for all of us during the campaign. Make a commitment to learn as much as you can about the campaign and the vision it will help us realize. Thirdly, GIVE sacrificially. The vision God has granted us can only be achieved through faith and sacrifice.